Hibiscus Gallery is a new art gallery is located at the center of Ragusa.


The purpose of the Hibiscus Gallery is not only to monitor and represent the many famous local artists such as Piero Guccione, Franco Sarnari, Sonia Alvarez, Sandro Bracchitta, Emanuele Floridia, Carmelo Candiano, John judice, Peter Zuccaro, Giuseppe Puglisi, etc.

Hibiscus Gallery is also seeking to monitor very closely the modern and contemporary art throughout Italy and all 'foreign, resulting thematic exhibitions of the highest level.

In addition, the Hibiscus Gallery is pleased to introduce some young artists including Giorgio Ortona, Salvo Caruso, Franco fillets, Angelo Di Quattro, Joseph Diara, etc..

Gallery Hibiscus worked with the new figure of Ragusa Studio and Gallery and Repetto Massucco Acqui Terme having thus able to follow the evolution of all the Italian scene.